Ashford Residences presents an exciting new opportunity within the existing Everton Park community.
Here, we answer frequently asked questions about this new community



When is this project due to commence construction?

The construction of stages 1 - 3 land is in it's final stages and the construction for the first release of Terrace Homes has started.

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What will be delivered as part of this new community?

On completion of this development Mirvac will have delivered 124 new residences (43 land lots, 1 heritage home & 80 terrace homes), the Ashford Club and 1.1HA eco area.

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What are the Ashford Club facilities?

The proposed development includes recreational facilities such as a pool and BBQ area, which will be available for use by residents in the body corporate areas only. In addition, the proposed development includes an eco area and open space area near the cycleway, which will be open to the general public. When completed, the development will be managed and maintained by a body corporate and a community manager. It is also proposed that the body corporate will maintain the common facilities including the eco area.Gold line

Can the general public access the Ashford Club facilities?

Guests of residents can access the Ashford Club if accompanied by the resident. The general community will not be able to access this facility. 
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Is the body corporate applicable to all lots?

No, the land lots along Ashmore Street are freehold meaning they fall outside of the body corporate. 

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What will the development look like from Kedron Brook cycleway? Will there be vegetation?

A Landscape Concept Plan has been prepared for the proposed development. The plan shows planting of trees along the site boundary where it adjoins the cycleway. The cycleway will remain unaltered as it is a Council asset. The proposed eco area will adjoin a section of the Kedron Brook waterway and cycleway and it will be extensively landscaped.
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What will the internal road speed be?

The speed limit along the internal road will be 40km/ph.

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What school catchment does Ashford Residences fall into?

For primary education (prep to year 6) Enoggera State Primary and for high school education (years 7 to 12) Everton Park State High School.

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Will there be any security cameras?

Yes, security cameras will be installed, particularly within and around the Ashford Club.

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When will the Ashford Club be ready to use?

Currently targeting to complete Ashford Club late 2021 early 2022 (indicative only). 

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How many visitor car parks are there and where are they located?

There are 26 visitor parks and they are predominantly located around the terrace homes.

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How much is the Body Corporate for a terrace home?

The levies differ slightly for each particular lot however indicative levies as follows:
3 Bedroom Terrace Home: Approximate $73/week or $3,796/annum*
4 Bedroom Terrace Home: Approximate $83/week or $4,316/annum*
*Estimate only – refer to the Disclosure Documents located in the Contract of Sale for further information.  Estimates have been sourced by a third party (Archers Body Corporate Management) and Mirvac Qld Pty Ltd (Mirvac) does not warrant or represent the accuracy of this information.  Prospective buyers should make their own enquires with respect to the estimated figures when making a decision to purchase.
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If I choose to change my three bedroom TH to a four bedroom, do I pay the Body Corporate rate for a 3 bed or 4 bed terrace home?

Body corporate contributions will not be amended for changes to the number of bedrooms.

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Where does Body Corporate stand with front and back garden maintenance?

The Body Corporate will be responsible for the maintenance of the front garden areas however the rear garden will be the owners responsibility.

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Can I have solar panels?

Yes – a solar panel package is available as an upgrade option for purchasers buying off the plan.  Terms and conditions may apply.

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Can I have pets in my terrace home? If so, how many?

Two pets are permitted unless otherwise approved by the Body Corporate. Refer to the By Laws in the Disclosure Documentation for additional information.

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What are the council and utility rates?

Council Rates
Terrace Home Owner Occupier $349/qtr. Approximate only* 
Terrace Home Investor $416/qtr. Approximate only*
*Estimate only – subject to change at the discretion of Brisbane City Council.  Refer to for further information on how rates are calculated and charged. Prospective buyers should make their own enquires with respect to the estimated figures when making a decision to purchase.
Utility Rates
Terrace Home $198/qtr. Approximate only*
*Estimate only – subject to change at the discretion of Queensland Urban Utilities.  Estimate includes sewer and water access charges however excludes water consumption which is charged depending on usage.  Refer to for further information on how rates are calculated and charged. Prospective buyers should make their own enquires with respect to the estimated figures when making a decision to purchase.

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How are utilities measured?

Utilities are individually metered for all terrace homes.

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Will my land be flat to build on?

The majority of lots within Ashford will have a benched flat pad ready to build on. 

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How long do I have to build after settlement?

As per your contract, you will have 12 months to start building from the date of settlement. 

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Can I use my own builder, or do I have to use a preferred partner builder?

Yes, you can use your own builder. It is best to supply your builder with a copy of the design guidelines.

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Are there building design guidelines that I have to follow?

Yes, there are Ashford design guidelines that need to be followed which detail your external build requirements. To obtain a copy of the design guidelines please contact our sales suite on 07 3859 5880.Gold lineCan I build a Hamptons-style home?

Yes, you can build a Hamptons-style home as long as the design meets the Ashford Design Guidelines.

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Is the development in accordance with Council’s development / town planning controls?

This development is DA approved.Gold line

Will there be a traffic management plan in place once construction commences?

A detailed traffic management plan has been approved by Brisbane City Council. The traffic management plan includes several key measures such as onsite parking for all contractors and sub-contractors to ensure they are not parked on local streets, and allowing vehicles to exit via the South Pine Road cul-de-sac straight onto South Pine Road to reduce traffic in local streets.

We are in the process of finalising approvals prior to site commencement and will provide an information pack to the local community, including details on traffic management, prior to work starting.

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Will this development have any negative impacts on Kedron Brook?

The proposal is likely to have positive impacts on the Kedron Brook and will provide ecological features above and beyond those existing due largely to the inclusion of the proposed eco area. The proposed eco area adjoins and is connected to the values contained within Kedron Brook, and is considered a superior outcome from an environmental perspective to retention of the existing fragmented water catchment, and its degraded features, in the centre of the site.

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Will existing local roads and infrastructure be able to cater for the increased population as a result of this new development? What impact will the development have on local roads and traffic flows?

A detailed traffic management plan has been approved by Brisbane City Council (BCC). This addresses a number of areas, including local traffic, site access and onsite parking, and has been prepared by the civil contractor in collaboration with an independent traffic management consultancy firm and Council engineers to be and in accordance with BCC requirements. 

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Why is access for the development from Ashmore Street rather than South Pine Road?

South Pine Road is controlled by the State Government (Department of Transport and Main Roads). Transport and Main Roads are generally unsupportive of new developments accessing state-controlled roads, particularly when a site can be accessed via neighbourhood roads. Access cannot be obtained from the existing Harvey Norman traffic signals as Transport and Main Roads plans to decommission these signals as part of the future South Pine Road / Stafford Road upgrades. When these upgrades are completed, congestion along South Pine Road and other major roads such as Griffith Street will be reduced.

Whilst the main driveway to the site is on Ashmore Street, traffic will be able to use several neighbourhood roads to access the wider road network including Ashmore Street, Barrymore Street and Venning Street. With these routing options, traffic movements from the development will be dispersed, meaning traffic volumes on these roads will remain within the acceptable ranges nominated by Brisbane City Council. The proposed access solution is the most suitable solution balancing both Brisbane City Council and Transport and Main Roads requirements.Gold line

Does the site flood? If so, how will this affect the development / surrounding homes?

Mirvac has spent considerable time and effort to ensure that properties are designed in accordance with Brisbane City Council requirements for protection from flooding. The flood model and levels used to set the development levels at Ashford have been reviewed and approved by Brisbane City Council. The flood level used to set pad and building floor levels for all Ashford properties is an event that is  referred to as a 1 in 100 year event. The definition for this event can be found on the Brisbane City Council website here. All floor levels are located at a minimum of 0.5m above the 1 in 100 year event. All pad levels are located a minimum of 0.3m above the 1 in 100 year event.Gold line





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